When coin goes in, or out… notice!


Get a Notice when Balances Change

CoinNotice provides an alert system to notify you when there is activity on your bitcoin wallet. Being your own bank means its necessary to consider security measures for your wallets, when anything happens you will know immediately.

Notices via Text Message

Get a notice to your phone via text messages! Constantly checking your wallet for transactions is timely and ineffective. With CoinNotice, you will know as soon as there is any activity on your account. We will send you a text message with your old balance, new balance and the difference. No longer worry about monitoring your bitcoin balances, sign up today!

We Accept Bitcoin

Payments for notices can be made via bitcoin and only take minutes to process (depending on confirmation times). Soon as the transaction has 1 confirmation, notices are credited to your account and your wallet will begin to be monitored 24/7 by CoinNotice.


For a limited time, as we test our system, you can get started with mobile phone notifications via text massages for only 10 cents! Save $0.39 on our $0.49 10 notice package by signing up for CoinNotice today!